Passion for Knowledge

At Edumanta, we believe that the process of learning should be as easy and comfortable as we can make it. We aim at bringing brilliant teachers to students who need their help to learn and to grow. Most of all, we believe that nothing, absolutely nothing, should hinder the reach of knowledge – especially not geography or time, which is why we offer live courses with experienced tutors who can also offer clarifications on doubts real time!

Edumanta was founded out of the simple belief that knowledge should be free-flowing and easily accessible. At Edumanta, we work towards bringing those with knowledge and those who seek knowledge together, online at the same time. We want to simplify the process of learning and push forward a refreshing change from recorded courses by offering live online courses. Edumanta gives you access to a complete university, from the comfort of your home!








A team that created multiple successful ventures

  • Ashwani Singhania
    Ashwani Singhania Alumnus, Indian Institute of Management, Kashipur

    Goal of education should be to build intelligence and character rather than knowing facts and theories. In competitive world we need to think intensively and critically to come up with innovative idea to engage people. Thus EduManta channel contagious thinking of bright mind to people who want to learn and grow.

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  • Ankita Hisariya
    Ankita Hisariya Alumnus, National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi

    Everything around us is evolving. Technology makes life easier and comfortable. Though education has also evolved with technology but I still feel gap in this. So, fill this gap and to bring revolution in education through technology is our moto. Join us to experience the revolution.

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  • Ankita Singh
    Ankita Singh Alumnus, National Law University, Jodhpur

    In an increasingly competitive work environment, it is imperative that aspirants and employees are in sync with evolving subject requirements. This is where Edumanta comes into play - it offers a wide range of courses with top quality content and experienced educators. Further, Edumanta has the bridged the gulf between theoretical aspect and practical application, to provide courses with enriched content. Learning is going to easy and hassle free with us.

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  • Aprajita
    AprajitaAlumnus, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur

    Being from a place where integrity in education is utmost priority, I always felt that this is lacking in most of the institution around us. Here we are determined to keep the integrity at place by empowering the student and professional by doubt clearing session regularly.

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  • Aditya Mittal
    Aditya MittalCost & Management Accountant (CMA), Rank 13th, 2017

    Education is every individual's right. Making this right accessible and convenient for you is our aim and your goal. We intends to remove geographical limitations and time constraints, so that you can pursue courses beneficial without any barriers. At Edumanta, we let you decide the how and when of joining and attending courses. Come, let's learn together.

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